Text Box: Telecommunications and Utility Billing Cost Analysts and Consultants
Text Box: Telecommunications and Utility Billing Cost Analysts and Consultants


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Four out of five businesses are throwing money away on their monthly operating expenses.


"Utility bills seem to be getting worse. They are indecipherable, lack itemization, contain inflated or phony charges, and cost customers billions of dollars every year.
                                                                                                                               Ralph Nader

"... the number one request by clients is to seek advice on ways to reduce costs."
                                                                                                         Crain's Chicago Business

"A utility does not automatically give an industrial or commercial customer the best rate when more than one rate is available. It is up to the customer to select the most advantageous rate."
                                                                                                            The Wall Street Journal

"90 percent of all phone bills and 70 percent of all utility bills to businesses contain errors. Many of those errors end up costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in overpaid bills."
                                                                                                                The Northeast Herald

"Over 94 percent of all bills the phone companies (local and long distance) send out are wrong. As telephone companies introduce more services and the bills get more components and thus more complex, the billing gets worse."
                                                                                                               Teleconnect Magazine

Profit Line Expense Recovery Services is a utility, telecom, and solid waste disposal billing audit and service analysis company serving businesses throughout the United States.

Our company exists because of the documented fact that the telephone and utility companies make errors in as many as 85% of their billings. By applying our proven methods of analysis to your billing we find those mistakes and overcharges and Recover Your Money.

We are so confident in our capabilities that our services are contracted on a results based fee arrangement. If we don't get you refunds or savings, there is no charge.

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